Hunkering Down

Coming home with a  new baby is a whirlwind and if it’s your first baby it’s also a massive learning curve.

In the first few weeks visitors flow in and out, and each day is filled with the excitement of having a new baby – the adrenaline flows.  Once you are left alone with your baby, you may initially  feel a sense of isolation creeping in. For me, the first few weeks  after my mom left and my husband went back to work  were the toughest. Not only are you exhausted from being a new mom, but you are still such a newby, trying to navigate your way through the new mom world. I found toward the end of my sons second month I really began to get into the groove. I learned to embrace my new role  and gave into the emotions that I felt. I just went with the overwhelming need to hunker down and nest. The need was so primal in fact  that I decided to completely go with it and embrace it. For two months we barley  went outside . I absolutely loved this time, as it gave my son and I time and space to bond – I treasured every moment.

when I look back at those early days I am so  glad that we were able to have this time. After all there is a whole lifetime ahead for my son to orientate himself in the world, why rush anything, as time is so very fleeting in the early years and they don’t stay little for long.


The Milk Diaries – coming soon !

The Milk Diaries is coming soon ! A diary of the trial and tribulations of breast feeding, and how I learned to accept bottle feeding my son. How my son is doing now and what we have learned from our experience. I am hoping that the diary  will help other moms, who have had similar issues and those who are experiencing them now.

I hope you enjoy  it, and that it goes some way in bringing  comfort to you. There are many bottle feeding mommies out there in the same boat, so don’t feel alone on your journey.