Shake it up

I cannot believe that almost seven months have past since posting my last blog! With all the good intentions in the world to continue my blogging, it went a stray when I had to go back to working evenings last November. But alas I have returned and am going to attempt to keep up with the antics of my now very mobile toddler. I can hardly believe that my little munchkin is now eighteen months already ! My how time flies.

I suddenly have an overwhelming feeling and need to get out and explore, I’m so hungry that I can hardly contain my appetite. I want to kick old rituals and habits and breath a new energy into life. Suddenly I want to swim in the icy ocean, run until I feel sick and do things I’ve never done before, which also includes getting a tattoo, but that’s another story entirely. Anyway I’ve decided to start with fitness, as there is nothing like a good workout to get your mind body and soul in order, of course I’m sure the onset of toddlerhood has a lot to do with this change of mood. My little guy is so active and so adventurous, you cannot help but be swept along on his little wave, even if sometimes you feel like your being thrown around and around inside the barrel and can’t catch your breath. I want to expose him to this great outdoor world of ours and let him drink in the wonders with his own eyes. Of course I must remind myself that he is after all only eighteen months, and that there is plenty of time for this. Reading between the lines I think also my cabin fever, itchy feet. – whatever you want to call it, comes from a niggling idea that  I will not somehow live up to my sons expectations as he grows up, that I too must begin to improve myself in every way so that I can be a better role model for him. Monkey watch monkey do – isn’t that how the saying goes?  


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