Something’s gotta give!

As I write this blog, my very active eleven month old lays sleeping in his crib. Half of my kitchen utensils are strewed around the kitchen floor. Before he was born, everything had its rightful place, but now everything gets shoved back into any draw or cupboard that will have them. My son delights in finding new treasures in the kitchen it’s his favourite exploring place. His little face lights up when he spies something he’s never seen or even better when it’s something he’s never usually allowed to have.

I find myself absolutely savouring the moments when he’s asleep, as it’s time to gather myself and catch my breath. In my pursuit to recreate some sort of equilibrium I am trying something new. Instead of rushing around like some frantic lunatic I am actually sitting down! The very act of sitting  is in itself very testing, but I am determined to give it a go and just bask amongst the chaos.  Because something has to give, I cannot carry on burning the candle at both ends. I am trying to change a behaviour, an innate need for order in the refuge that is home. I know that I must do this as a rested mom is a happier mom, and I want to be in the moment for my son. Soon my son will beckon me to his crib  and be raring to go once again. But this time it’s gonna be different, because I am rested and ready!


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