Aloysius Snuffleupagus is a character from the popular children’s show Sesame Street. He is a wooly mammoth with a long trunk or ‘snuffle’.

My ten month old has bogies of gargantuous proportions. I am talking full on blocked up nostrils. It’s what I now fondly refer to as the snuffleupaguses! Just like the beloved character from Sesame Street. Try as I  may I just can’t seem to keep his snuffleupaguses at bay. Regular dousings with nasal drops, bathing and fresh air cannot seem to budge them. They take on an identity all of their own, lurking their in his little dark crevices we know as nostrils. I often think they have taken up permanent residence in there, until at last they emerge  and my son takes a rest from scratching  frantically at his nose, only for another to shortly reappear. My husband has considered mounting them, so that they may be displayed for all to see. Like The wall of Gaylord from the movie Meet The Fockers.  Only ours would be  the wall of Baby bogies.  Now I don’t want to wish any time away, cause every moment with my son is precious, but it will be such a relief when my son can remove  his bogies on his own accord, and rid himself once and for all of his snuffleupaguses.



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