Separation Anxiety – and so it begins

Towards the end of my pregnancy I found myself wishing the days away my restless legs and lack of sleep had driven me to distraction, it’s time I thought to myself let’s get the show on the road!
What I hadn’t bargained for after the birth of my son was the overwhelming sense of separation anxiety I experienced. Suddenly my son was no longer protected and tucked away from harms reach inside my womb, but let out into the world – and so it begins I remember thinking to myself. For the first time in my life I actually had an understanding of what it must have truly felt like for my own mom.
When we returned home all I had wanted to do was nest, again the feeling was so overwhelming it surprised me. I had never imagined it would be like that. In hindsight I believe what I was feeling was truly instinctual,it seemed to come somewhere deep inside of me. I remember thinking to myself how wonderful , that millions upon millions of women from all walks of life and spanning all the historical eras may have experienced emotions just like these. I found great comfort in this thought and it made me feel very connected to other moms. Once I had figured this out, it seemed to create space for me and my baby to truly be in the moment and fully embrace these feelings. My son was born in the winter and so for three months we literally hunkered down and nested, going out very little and enjoying every moment, even the fretful ones!
I find it amazing that there is such an abundance if information out there on how to care for your child, but very little on the emotions that are associated with having a child. We as a society seemed to be obsessed with knowing everything down to the last detail. Very few people talk about using your instinct and following your heart, yet as human beings these instincts come from the very foundations on which we are created or built-whatever your view.
I truly hope that women are lucky enough to recognize the new emotions they feel after giving birth, and to fully embrace them so that they can enjoy every moment.


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