Parenting – so underrated

It wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I finally realised what incredibly hard work it is being a parent. No one can actually prepare you for it, you just have to experience it yourself first hand. But it got me to thinking about the way in which we as a society value stay at home parents. You never hear anyone say oh and do you know, she was a stay at home mom! What an incredibly important job.
In my life I have had an abundance of jobs, I consider myself a jack of all trades. I have worked in many different fields and with many different people. Some of which were good and some not so good. Being a parent is by far the most rewarding and all-consuming job I have ever had. Being a good parent is so important to the mental and physical health of our children, through good parenting we hope to guide and equip our children with the necessary tools to navigate their way through our wonderful and sometimes complex world. Without guided parenting children often grow into adults with little knowledge to navigate the world, often becoming confused and lost – without sense of self or place. We as parents collectively shape the next generation within our society – what more important work is there than this? Just because there is no monetary value attached to parenting, western societies view of stay at home parents has become greatly under valued.
So I say it’s time to break the stigma, lets all begin collectively to give stay at home parents the recognition that they deserve. Let us make sure they know how truly valued they are and how vitally important they are to helping to mould future generations. After all well raised children are the very foundation from which our society is built.


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