To sooth or not to sooth ? That is the question

As I write this my husband, is sat on the sofa, feet up with drooping eyelids. An avid soccer player and lover of all sports his whole life, but even the World Cup can’t keep my man awake these days.
Being a parent is the most wonderful experience I believe any of us can have, but it is without a doubt the most exhausting thing I have ever done in my life. Our son all of eight months, has been rocked to sleep since he was born, and of course as we know early habits stick. Now though, we have started sleep training in the hope that he will learn to self sooth – he is no longer interested in being rocked to sleep and even the favoured stroller is losing its appeal. Who knew that getting to sleep would be so difficult for many babies. I have discovered that with parenting very early on, there is a need to let go of the reigns even at this early stage. We try so hard to do the right things for our children, that we often forget to simply let our children be In order to learn. I am not suggesting of course that we leave our children to their own devices, mearley that we have to create structure and instil security early on, so that children can adapt quickly to changes that we as parents put into place. I have now got over the need to run to our sons side at the slightest murmur. I know that guiding him along the path to self soothing will benefit him in the long run, after all sleep and good sleep habits are so valuable to our growing babies as they move into toddlerhood and beyond.


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