Best Laid Plans

Who knew that being a new parent would stretch you in ways you couldn’t even of imagined both figuratively and literally. All sorts of people offer up pieces of advice throughout your pregnancy- nodding in agreement I often thought to myself, oh it a won’t be like that for us. After all I have read all the books and asked advice, brought everything and placed things in there rightful place. I have attended yoga classes and eaten all of the right things and taken every supplement possible.
Yes I am ready I remember thinking, let’s bring our baby into the world. of course in my mind I had hoped for the best birth ever , after all who doesn’t – lights dimmed, people speaking in hushed voices as my husband carefully and lovingly wipes my brow. Our baby gracefully entering into the world whilst being placed to my bosom to nestle in and take his first sip of milk. My sons birth couldn’t have been further from my ideal of a perfect birth, opposite in every way possible. When I reflect I think to myself it really is a lesson for life in general. No matter how much planning we often do, we cannot control everything in our lives. Nor should we. After all some of the most wonderful things come out of mistakes, wrong turns and spontaneous moments- even if it doesn’t seem so at the time. I just have to look at my sons little face to know that it was all worth it. And ironically I would do it all over again.


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